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Annual report 2022

Research and services

Dialogue with the economic world

According to the motto "Glocal: Think Global, act Local", direct exchange with regional, national, and international companies and institutions is essential, and 2022 has significantly contributed to expanding our base. We look forward to seeing future joint projects develop.

Institutes at your service

The HEG-FR institutes offer consulting services to companies and organizations, alongside our teaching and research activities.

Competence centers

Applied research activities are organized mainly within the framework of four competence centers.

Just published

Philippe Régnier and Pascal Wild, professors at the School of Management, published a book on the very topical theme of innovation and appropriate technologies.

6 articles available

La HEG-FR reprend le Centre pour la responsabilité d’entreprise et la durabilité (Center for Corporate Responsability and Sustainability CCRS) et renforce considérablement ses compétences en matière de développement durable.

Global Entrepreneurship Monitor announced today that GEM Switzerland will host the 2022/23 GEM Global Report Launch and Annual Meeting. These events will take place on 16th and 17th February 2023.

L'Observatoire du logement et immobilier Fribourg actualise les chiffres sur l'état des logements locatifs pour la ville de Fribourg et de Bulle. Ces résultats mettent en lumière le dynamisme du parc immobilier de Bulle.

Le cas pédagogique dédié à l’entreprise On Running, créatrice des chaussures de sport éponymes, écrit par Rico Baldegger et Marco Biscaro de la HEG-FR est désormais disponible dans des catalogues internationaux de case studies.

Eric McLaren and Rico Baldegger, authors of a paper on the motivations of crowdfunders to support impact-oriented projects, receive the JICSB Best Paper award at the World Congress held in Washington D.C.

Philippe Régnier et Pascal Wild ont supervisé et coédité cet ouvrage d’envergure internationale avec des spécialistes issus de divers institutions à la pointe de la recherche.

Publications and conferences

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List of scientific articles 

  • Klösel Kilian l Turning visions into results: unraveling the distinctive paths of leading with vision and autonomy to goal achievement
  • Baldegger Rico l "All you need is... entrepreneurial attitudes": a deeper look into the propensity to start a business during the COVID-19 through a gender comparison (GEM data)
  • Probst Gaby l Learning during (or despite) COVID-19: business students' perceptions of online learning
  • Caon Maurizio, Angelini Leonardo l PEGASO e-Diary: User Engagement and Dietary Behavior Change of a Mobile Food Record for Adolescents
  • Angelini Leonardo, Caon Maurizio l The NESTORE e-Coach: Designing a Multi-Domain Pathway to Well-Being in Older Age
  • Klösel Kilian l Self-leadership: The power behind empowerment
  • Rossi Mathias, Mc Laren Eric l Companies' views of teleworking difficulties
  • Hervé Annaële, Baldegger Rico l Digitalization and internationalization of micro-, small, and medium-sized enterprises: An overall conceptual process
  • Burkhard Danielle l Achieving gender equality by implementing work-life balance measures in Swiss SMEs
  • Dubosson Magali, Meier Samuele l Early detection of human-related risks in an increasingly digitized work environment
  • Angelini Leonardo l Human-Vehicle Interaction to Support Driver’s Situation Awareness in Automated Vehicles: a Systematic Review
  • Probst Gaby l Teaching during COVD-19: faculty members’ perceptions during and after an “exceptional” semester
  • Luzzani Gloria l The sustainability of diets: Current understanding and shortcomings

Book chapters

  • Hervé Annaële, Baldegger Rico l Degree of digitalization and entrepreneurial orientation of internationalizing micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises: The mediating roles of self-concept traits
  • Wild Pascal, Baldegger Rico l Analyzing SMEs innovation performance: Exploring the role of Degree of Internationalization (DOI), Entrepreneurial Orientation (EO), and firm size
  • Rumo Etienne l Mögliche Rollen der Energieversorger bei der E-Mobilität
  • Wild Pascal, Baldegger Rico l Early and Rapid or Late and Slow? Path Dependency Caused by Age at Internationalization


  • Baldegger Rico, Gaudart Raphaël, Wild Pascal l Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2021/2022: Report on Switzerland
  • Régnier Philippe, Wild Pascal l Handbook of Innovation & Appropriate Technologies for International Development
  • Baldegger Rico l The Future of Business Schools

International conferences

  • Probst Gaby l Affective (and Effective) Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: Getting Social Again
  • Angelini Leonardo, Caon Maurizio l Towards an Emotionally Augmented Metaverse: a Framework for Recording and Analysing Physiological Data and User Behaviour
  • Angelini Leonardo l Workshop on Tangible xAI
  • Dubosson Magali, Meier Emanuele l New challenges on waiting lines and servicescapes during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Probst Gaby l I am not a robot: Learning with technology
  • DaSilva Carlos M. l Understanding how firms shape their economics and governance dependencies to form an ecosystem on the digital era
  • DaSilva Carlos M. l A resource reconfiguration lens on digital innovation
  • Stephan-Korus Anika, Bubenzer Philipp l Learning from unofficial projects: A case study about differentiation between official projects and underground projects
  • DaSilva Carlos M. l Fostering the growth of entrepreneurial ecosystems: Investor, corporate, university & government accelerators
  • Rossi Mathias l Les systèmes de rémunération mis au défi de l'agilité
  • Régnier Philippe l Small Business Sustainable Internationalization to Asian Emerging Markets: IBM Training Innovation in Export Development for Swiss SMEs
  • Régnier Philippe, Wild Pascal l Emerging Markets and Small Business Internationalization: Export Development Training Initiatives for SMEs in Western Switzerland

Case study

  • Baldegger Rico, Biscaro Marco l How a Startup Is Putting the Running Shoe Industry Back On Track
  • Zurkinden Lucia, Baldegger Rico l Dartfish - How a University Spin-Off Became a Global Leader in Video Analysis Solutions