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Inspire to Act

At the Innovation Club Fribourg, we are driven by a strong passion for innovation and co-creativity. Our members originate from a large spectrum of fields and faculties all around the globe. From Bachelor students to MBA teachers, they all have one common goal: come together while promoting innovation in the Freiburg area. Because we think that today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders, we encourage our members to create and attend events based on current themes. On the verge of the fourth industrial revolution, Social Media has become a huge part of our lives and at the Innovation Club, we believe that a strong network is a healthy path to a solid future. Thanks to our diverse and cultural core, our members are able to meet and make durable connections with people they wouldn’t have met elsewhere!

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Inspiration, training and networking

Develop your creative skills by collaborating with students from different backgrounds and disciplines. Get inspired by keynote presentations of thought leaders, such as the CEO of Doodle and the CEO of Uber. Help us set up and manage events, and even become a moderator yourself. Dive into a rich ecosystem of students, experts and mentors, and have some fun with us.

Innovation Thursdays

Becoming part of the Innovation Club is one of the most rewarding decisions I took in a long time

Michael Walser

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If you want to learn more, head to the Innovation Club’s website were you will be able to see all of the details regarding the club.

Innovation Club
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Today's students. Tomorrow's leaders.

Innovation Club