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MediaLab - Photo&Video studio

A new way to teach and learn!

The School of Management Fribourg is now equipped with a recording studio for videos and photos. In doing so, the school of Management Fribourg increasingly invests in Blended Learning (education method mix between online and face-to-face formation, with integration of videos for the online part).


The studio includes two parts MINI STUDIO: MOVABLE EQUIPMENT (1 CAMERA, LIGHTS, MICROS, RECORDER) The Mini Studio is perfectly equipped for the recording of discussions between several individuals, for podcasting as well as for videos that are realized outside. MAIN STUDIO: FIXED EQUIPMENT (3 CAMERAS, LIGHTS, SOUND, DISPLAY OF POWERPOINT, COMPUTER) The Main Studio is perfectly equipped for the recording of interviews, videos with 3 different point-of-views, videos including the presentation of Powerpoints or for photography. The following professional equipment is likewise available: - Kit of movable camera - Kit of Reflex camera


The studio is allocated in priority to the HEG-FR Bachelor/Master Professors as well as to administrative and scientific collaborators. External persons are also allowed to rent the studio. For more information, please contact us at the following e-mail address: