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Continuing education

Further professional development at HEG Fribourg

Our innovative further professional development programs respond to the current and future needs of companies and society and support training throughout working life.

Aimed at specialists and managers in business and public administration, some of these programs are of a general nature, whereas others enable the participants to specialize in a particular field. The courses are generally organized in cooperation with other schools or with professional associations that are recognized at a Swiss federal level. The classes are led by instructors with sound professional experience and knowhow in training adults.

Lifelong learning is the term used to refer to all courses taken after having obtained an initial training certificate. Further training may involve perfecting professional competences or acquiring new knowledge and skills. An average of 150 participants per year complete these training courses at the School of Management Fribourg, which records around 1000 days of short training courses.

La formation tout au long de la vie est une ressource stratégique pour le développement de l’entreprise

Alfred Münger, Responsable de la formation continue

Our offer in English

The majority of our further professional development courses are offered in French. For this reason, the course descriptions are mainly in French.

The following offer is available in English, or as multilingual program (English/German/French).

Executive MBA

The Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) is a further training qualification in economic science, which corresponds to a minimum of 60 ECTS credits. The aim is to acquire or develop management skills and forge contacts which could be useful to the participants in their careers. The EMBA is primarily aimed at higher-level managers and those with many years of professional experience.

Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)

The Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) is a qualification obtained while employed. It corresponds to a minimum of 10 ECTS credits.

Tailor-made or short programs

We offer tailor-made training courses and provide short programs designed for different target audiences, from new business economics graduates to executives in various areas.

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