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Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS)

CAS HES-SO teaching and learning in higher education

Expand educational leadership capacity

The HES-SO is dedicated to the continuous improvement of the quality of its programs and offerings. The support of the professional development of teaching staff is one of the areas of intervention. A large number of full-time HES-SO faculty members already possess the initial teaching qualification, the “Attestation Didactique”.

The CAS HES-SO in Teaching & Learning in Higher Education responds to the demand for advanced learning opportunities beyond this initial certification. The CAS HES-SO in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education aims to
develop a cohort of faculty members within Swiss higher education institutions for which their expertise in pedagogy can stimulate a culture of development and sense of belonging with respect to teaching and learning issues rooted in student-centered learning methodologies.

Program details 

The objective of the CAS HES-SO in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education is to permit a faculty member to develop his/herknowledge and competences in pedagogy as well as to expand his/her educational leadership capacity in the institution and/or the discipline.

Learning outcomes 

  • Use theory and research discovery (inquiry) to inform one’s own teaching practice
  • Advise one’s colleagues on common pedagogical themes and practical scenarios ;
  • Propose strategies for teaching and learning in one’s discipline, within the institution, and within the field of higher education ;
  • Work towards continuous improvement in one’s own teaching through the lens of both theory and practice.


The CAS HES-SO in Teaching & Learning in Higher Education is recommended for faculty members teaching in higher education, particularly those in university of applied sciences, in Switzerland or abroad. Applicants must hold the HES-SO Attestation Didactique or its equivalent.

At a glance

Degree awarded

Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) HES-SO Teaching & Learning in Higher Education

Study duration

Minimum of three semesters, maximum of 6 semesters

Study language


Enrollment information

Enrollment is open


The total cost of the program is 6,000 CHF. Each module consists of four days of face-to-face workshops at 300 CHF per day. The individual work after each module is 800 CHF per module.

Place of study

HEG-FR, Fribourg

Program structure

The program of studies consists of a portfolio (a summary of knowledge and skills prior to entry to CAS and at the end of the program, 1 (ECTS) and 3 specific modules (3 X 3 ECTS) to be selected from the following :

Modules A

Guiding student learning

Modules B

Active teaching methods

Modules C

Authentic evaluation and assessment for learning

Modules D

Technology enhanced learning

The evaluation for each module is designed as a project that reflects application of the theory to practice in the participants personal teaching context. The final project of the CAS is an updated portfolio constructed with the knowledge and experience gained throughout the program.


The modules have been designed based on the theoretical foundations of mastery learning. This means that various methods and strategies are incorporated to ensure that participants achieve the intended learning outcomes for the module; participants must reach these outcomes before moving on in the next stages of study. In most cases, participants will revise their initial module work more than once before progressing.

A first version of the portfolio is produced upon entry into the CAS. This first version permits each participant to produce a summary of work to date and to select the appropriate modules according to his/her needs and professional goals. After the completion of the selected modules, the portfolio is further developed with the knowledge and experience gained during the CAS program in line with each participant’s personal teaching context. This second version is the final project of the program.


The instructors in the CAS HES-SO Teaching & Learning in Higher Education are recognized specialists in pedagogy in higher education. They actively teach at the university level, many at universities of applied sciences. They also have experience in pedagogical advising and training with faculty members in higher education.

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