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Institute Finance

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Theory and expertise in financial management

The Finance Institute specializes in financial management. We teach financial management in the broader sense. For example, our areas of expertise cover risk management, portfolio allocation and performance measures, as well as the selection of investment projects and adding value to real options. In other words, our areas of interest cover corporate investment and finance, together with topics linked to crypto-currencies, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), robo-advisers and, more generally, recent developments in fintech.

The objective of the Finance Institute is to furnish (future) entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need in terms of finance and to support entrepreneurship in the world of banking and finance. We are vehement supporters of interdisciplinarity, both in terms of our approach to financial management and within the context of entrepreneurship.


  • Finance entrepreneurial context
  • Interdisciplinarity
  • Finance skills for entrepreneurs

Head of Institute and contact

Nils Tuchschmid

Full Professor UAS/Institute Head
+41 26 429 63 50

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Research service

+41 26 429 63 84

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