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Food Ecosystem Institute

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The Food Ecosystem is all about Industry 4.0

The aim of the Food Ecosystem Institute is to assist the entire Food Ecosystem to transition to the Industry 4.0 era and put in place sustainable development strategies.

Our medium-term objective is to become an acknowledged center of excellence and innovation in the fields of management and entrepreneurship for the stakeholders in the Food Ecosystem, in conjunction with partner companies, by carrying out consulting work, research projects and publishing an annual report by the Food Ecosystem Institute.

For HEG-FR students, the Institute will open many doors to a career in the food business.

Christine Demen Meier, Director of the Food Ecosystem Institute


Our strategy consists of:

  • creating a Food & Beverage Think Tank (business intelligence)

  • developing applied research on the digitalization of stakeholders in the Food Eco System and implementing sustainable development strategies to promote mutualization

  • becoming an integral part of the Agro-Food Project in the Canton of Fribourg.

Head of Institute and contact

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Nicoletta Giusti

Associate Professor UAS/Institute Head
+41 26 429 63 74

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Christine Demen Meier

Visiting Professor UAS/Institute Head

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