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Annual Report


Rethink our Vision

The end of a year is always an opportunity to take stock and take a critical look at your own role. It seemed appropriate to us to enhance our activities so that our training institution could provide the tools to meet and overcome the challenges that society and businesses face. For the School of Management Fribourg (HEG-FR), the past year was marked by encouraging activities both in teaching and R&D, and by the intensification of partnerships. On May 21, 2022, the 30th anniversary celebrations were at the heart of this year, gathering alumni, partner organizations, collaborators and people who played or play a role in the development of the institution.

The event was focused on meetings, exchanges, and stimulation. The discussions focused on current topics such as the challenges of entrepreneurship, innovation, internationalization, the future of food and sustainability or even communication and the place of data in today’s society.

The jubilant year in review


“Inspiration”, the 30th anniversary book of the HEG-FR, and the international publication “The future of business schools: Purpose, action, and impact" contributed to the reflection on the role of the HEG-FR. Furthermore, we are proud to see our students actively participating in competitions on entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainability. One of our teams from the Master's program, Entrepreneurship Orientation, won the Swiss StartCup Challenge 2022 student prize, a prize linked to the circular economy, awarded by Nestlé Nespresso SA and B Lab Switzerland.

Intensive exchanges with our external stakeholders was a key objective, and the events on digitalization in September or on sustainability in November are good examples. A certain standardization could also be observed in international exchanges, whether through the creation of the International Summer School, the study trips of EMBA and Master students to Boston, MA, or the intensification of international research activities.

According to the motto “Glocal: Think Global, act Local”, direct exchange with regional, national, and international companies and institutions is essential, and 2022 has significantly contributed to expanding our base. We look forward to seeing future joint projects develop.

Are business schools on the wrong track?

“The Future of Business Schools. Purpose, action, and impact” discusses why they no longer enjoy rising enrollments, positive media attention, and growing prestige and shows us the path forward by presenting strategic and operational insights.

Bologna Courses

New registrations are up slightly for the Bachelor course, with 172 new registrations, and stable in the first year of the Master in Business Administration, Entrepreneurship with 20 students.

Bachelor and Master courses
Acquire intercultural skills

Continuing education

All continuing education courses have started well and are very successful. Two new CAS training courses are open for registration this fall. The CAS in Digital Business Transformation prepares participants with the tools to actively support digital change in the company. The “CAS ESG und nachhaltige Führung” is organized in collaboration with the CCRS – Center for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability – in Zurich and transmits the practical and academic foundations for sustainable management according to ESG – Environmental, Social, and Governance – criteria.

Continuing education

Research and services

Several Applied R&D projects and services were able to convince stakeholders of the skills of the HEG-FR, highlighted in particular with the realization of its Innosuisse projects. The takeover of the CCRS considerably strengthens the skills in sustainable development and social entrepreneurship of the HEG-FR, which therefore increases its influence at the national and international level.

Research that leads to change

2022 key figures



students registered in Bachelor courses



students registered in Master courses


65 %

of Bachelor and Master students in employment




students in Continuing Education (EMBA, DAS, CAS)




Applied R&D scientific publications



71.52 EPT 

Full-time equivalent



Articles/news on the website 48
Testimonials 17
Press releases 8

Presence in the media

  2022 2021
Bachelor 14 10
Master 8 11
Continuing education 18 19
Research R&D 58 65
HEG-FR (mention) 49 21
Total 147 126


Annual Report 2022