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Annual report 2022

Acquiring intercultural skills

International Office 

The HEG Fribourg promotes exchanges of students and teachers IN and OUT throughout the world. Each of our students therefore acquires intercultural and linguistic skills directly anchored in practice.

From June 27 to July 22, 2022, the HEG-FR organized the Summer School for 18 students including 13 students from overseas and 5 students from the HEG-FR. Participants largely praised the program, particularly the company visits and the proximity to the Swiss industrial world. Indeed, the Summer School is a time that allows our students to discover their entrepreneurial vision, attend conferences, discuss case studies while exploring the Swiss entrepreneurial ecosystem. To achieve this, the HEG-FR benefits from a solid network within the Swiss industrial fabric and strong collaborations with foreign professors who give speeches during this event.

An exchange is a one life opportunity and we cannot waste it.

Marcella Bertoluci

International Office Statistics 2022



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International collaborations and contacts

The HEG-FR has concluded new cooperation agreements with:

  • University of Cyprus - Faculty of Economics and Management in Cyprus;
  • Universita degli studi di Firenze – School of Economics and Management in Italy - teaching and research agreement;
  • Pondichery University in India;
  • Carlton University in Canada for student exchange, research project development;
  • Bestern College in Singapore for student exchanges, research project development, and joint seminars;

The choice of partners is made essentially based on the quality of the establishment (complementarity of Bachelor courses), its international dynamics, and its relationship with the socio-economic world.

International Office: Partenaires

Testimonials Exchange students 2022