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Annual Report 2022

The year in review

1991 - 2021

With several study trips for our Master's and EMBA classes to Boston, the festivities around our thirtieth anniversary and a speech at the UN, the year 2022 was rich in emotion for the School of Management Fribourg.

Discover the feedback of some of our successful activities and events this year.

The successful party in 3'03"

Thirty years and a few months after the opening of its first class, the School of Management Fribourg (HEG-FR) organized an event last weekend: the 30th anniversary celebrations gathered guests, alumni, staff, partners and people who have played or who play a role in the development of the institution. A look back at this magnificent day dedicated to meetings and exchanges.



How to stand the test of time? How can companies from various backgrounds span centuries, even a millennium, while retaining their core business and others, although financially very well endowed, do not last more than a few decades at most? With Laurent Lecamp, Managing Director, MONTBLANC Watch Division and Christian Schafer, Deputy Director, UPCF.


In conversation with Simona Scaparleggia and Heather Cairns-Lee, moderated by Maya Dougoud questions such as why future-proof companies as well as the society in general need competent leaders. What will the leadership of the future look like? What role does the greater inclusion of women in leadership positions play and what is important to the next generation of leaders?

Watch the plenary session

A graduate of the HEG-FR opened the plenary session: Johanna Gapany, state councilor for the canton of Fribourg who spoke to us about the past, the present, and the future; a perfect transition to evoke the intervention of Olivier de Weck. Indeed, the Fribourg professor of aerospace engineering at the Massachusetts Institute for Technology (USA), then took the public into space, assuring that “The sky isn’t the limit”. In the spirit of the HEG-FR, which is to question itself and “rethink our vision,” these discussions make it possible to co-construct the future of the HEG-FR.

A book for the 30th anniversary of the School of Management Fribourg

To mark its 30th anniversary, the School of Management Fribourg (HEG-Fr) wanted to highlight the men and women who bring it to life in a distinctive book entitled INSPIRATION.

Who better than the students, teachers and staff of today and yesterday can retrace the most significant moments in its history? This work involves economic partners who are an integral part of the institution both in terms of teaching, sharing of experiences, and applied research. Finally, governance and political authorities in turn express themselves in these pages.

30 ans d'inspiration - 30 Jahre Inspiration - 30 years of inspiration

Lucien Wuillemin: The case of the development of the School of Management Fribourg

This book illustrates the upheavals brought about by the creation of the Universities of Applied Sciences (HES) at the end of the 1990s for all the schools concerned, but especially for those in the economic field which is the largest in terms of number of students in Switzerland. These upheavals are analyzed in detail in this book for the School of Management Fribourg until 2011.

The foundations of the HES (Universities of Applied Sciences) - The case of the development of the School of Management Fribourg, HEG-FR