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30 years of History

INSPIRATION - A Book for thirty years of HEG-FR

A Book as inspiration for thirty years of the School of Management Fribourg HEG-FR

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Fribourg School of Management (HEG-FR), the HEG_FR would like to highlight in a book entitled INSPIRATION the women and men who keep the school alive. Who better to trace the most important moments in the history of the university than the students, lecturers and staff of yesterday and today? This book also features the economic partners who are an integral part of the institution, in teaching, in the exchange of experiences, and in applied research. Finally, governance and political authorities also have their say in these pages.

The book begins with a series of 30 portraits by the excellent Niels Ackermann, Swiss photography documenter and founding member of the agency, Lundi13, who has already won several awards. This is followed by articles divided into three time periods: PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE. They are written in French, German and English, the languages used in everyday life in the corridors of HEG-FR. They are written by HEG-FR staff members, who have done an admirable job.
The book concept was created by the Fribourg designers of the “Design Atelier”, Katharina Reidy and Philipp Egger - a creative and demanding duo, who have created a wonderful treasure chest between Bern and New York. The book was printed in the Canton of Fribourg by media f SA.

Thanks to the well-functioning work of several professional groups, the HEG-FR shows some of the faces that make it up. These women and men, all of whom have conceived and helped shape the HEG-FR in different periods of its history and stories, will continue to accompany and challenge it.