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Research projects

Kairos: project preventive risk management addressing human related dimension

Kairos is a research project funded by Innosuisse, led by the School of Management Fribourg (HEG-FR) and organised in partnership with the Arc School of Management and Syslog Informatique SA in Fribourg.

Its aim is to improve the detection and prevention of risk factors which compromise the success of projects, focussing on human risks. The module will be integrated into a management software package. The first phase of Kairos resulted in the design of a specific typology of risks for each of the main areas of activity. These indicators then needed to be developed in order to enable qualitative and quantitative measurement of the risks identified. The data collection environment and methodology are currently being worked on by the IT partners in order to design the risk monitoring tool. The last items to be carried out will be defining alert thresholds for the indicators, implementing action plans for them and finalising and evaluating the performance of the dashboard.

Running time

2016 to 2019

Project manager

Mathias Rossi

Full Professor UAS/Institute Head

+41 26 429 63 96

Institute/Competence center

Social and public innovations