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Women's Entrepreneurship Report: women entrepreneurs suffer from lack of investors

16 Jun 2023

As part of the GEM’s study “Women's Entrepreneurship” conducted by Rico Baldegger, it appears that the representation of women in the Swiss entrepreneurial sphere is still low (two male entrepreneurs for one female on average) but that it is experiencing a positive evolution.

The international study on women's entrepreneurship highlights a low level of entrepreneurial intentions among women, especially in Europe. One of the explanations could be the lack of investors ready to place their trust in women entrepreneurs, as explained by Rico Baldegger, director of the HEG-FR in an online interview published on the Bilan magazine website.

“[...]Investors are regularly rapped on the knuckles for investing too little in women entrepreneurs. I have regularly observed companies which, after having met with some success, place a female CEO at their head. In some cases, it is clearly strategic. Gender washing, in other words.”

However, with the current enthusiasm for themes such as sustainability, health, food or even short circuits, women, who are more likely to set up in these sectors than those of IT or high- tech, could benefit from it in the future according to Rico Baldegger, quoted in an article in Blick.