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The 2022-2023 EMBA graduation was a success!

23 Jun 2023

Congratulations to the ten new graduates of the 2022-2023 EMBA in Integrated Management class, who finish this intensive course brilliantly!

The graduation ceremony for the EMBA in Integrated Management 2022-2023 class was held on Thursday evening at Münchenvwiler, despite heavy thunderstorms. In a convivial atmosphere, the students celebrated their success. Over the course of 18 intensive months, the 2022-2023 intake has immersed itself in the various branches of business management, combining practical experience, exchanges of knowledge and experience, and of course theoretical courses.

As usual, the EMBA program was not confined to the classroom. In addition, a week's stay in Boston gave everyone the chance to immerse themselves in a dynamic and culturally diverse environment, while forging links with international professionals.

The one thing I can bring from the study trip is the exchange with the people we met. The innovation going on was very impressive.

Sophie Bertorelli, graduate EMBA in Integrated Management 2023

The HEG-FR congratulates these ten students, who acquired new skills, expanded their networks and broaden their worldviews so that they can continue their professional careers with a significant new baggage to innovate, flourish and face tomorrow's challenges with panache!