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Bachelor in Business Administration

Admission policy and requirements

Admission policy

The admission regulations for the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree programme are based on the regulations for the Universities of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland HES-SO.

The objective of the admission policy is to achieve the preliminary training needed to complete a university of applied sciences study programme.

Qualification Admission?
Federal vocational baccalaureate for commercial professions (1) ​Unconditional admission
Federal vocational baccalaureate in Economics and Services (Economics) (1) ​Unconditional admission
Baccalaureate with a VET In the field of expertise (1) ​Unconditional admission
Baccalaureate with a VET outside the field of expertise (1) Admission with professional experience
Other officially recognised baccalaureate Admission with professional experience
Federal vocational education and training (VET) without baccalaureate ​ No admission
Commercial diploma without a baccalaureate No admission
Other diplomas Please contact the secretariat’s office
Foreign or international diplomas Please contact the secretariat’s office

(1) 1 List of federal vocational education and training (VET) in the field of expertise (in French only) : CFC de commerce / CFC de gestionnaire du commerce de détail / CFC de gestionnaire de vente / CFC de médiamaticien-ne / CFC de logisticien-ne / CFC de droguiste / CFC d’agent-e relation client / CFC d’assistant-e en pharmacie / CFC d’agent-e de transports publics / CFC d’agent-e en information documentaire / CFC de libraire / CFC d’employé-e d’édition / CFC de spécialiste en communication hôtelière / CFC d’opticien∙ne / CFC d’assistant∙e médical∙e / CFC de développeur ou développeuse de business numérique

Conditions governing professionnal experience

Professional experience must be related to business or administrative fields of activity. Although one year of full-time professional training is not a requirement for graduates holding a baccalaureate and a VET in the field of expertise, it is highly recommended that candidates have gained a certain amount of professional experience before embarking on a study programme at a university of applied sciences business school.

Accounting skills

The entry level in accounting skills corresponds to the exit level of the professional baccalaureate. Graduates holding a non-commercial professional school leaving qualification or a qualification issued by a secondary school must strive to reach the required entry level through self-study or by attending accounting courses. In this regard, it could be helpful if candidates completed their professional internship in a position where mainly accounting tasks are carried out.

Language competencies

To begin studies students must have attained Level B1 of the Council of Europe Language Portfolio in French and English, or German and English depending on whether they are German- or French-speakers. Students are encouraged to close any existing gaps in these foreign languages before beginning their studies.

Change of course format (FT or PT)

Any change of course format (from full time to part-time or vice versa) must be received by the Bachelor’s course management by 30 April at the latest. After this date, a change of this kind may be refused on administrative grounds. We would also like to remind you that to change from full time to part-time, students must have an employment contract confirming employment corresponding to at least half-time work.


Enrollment procedure

Would you like to complete training as an economist on a full time or part-time ? Please fill in the enrollment form available during the enrollment period, and do not forget to pay the enrollment fee.

You can take part in one of our information session to get a full idea of what the program in business administration involves!

Dates and important information

  • The annual registration deadline is 30 April. 
  • The deadline for students with foreign diplomas is 31 January of each year (no exception possible).
  • Enrollment requests must be submitted using the enrollment form on this page.
  • The enrollment fee is CHF 150.

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