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Global University Entrepreneurial Spirit Students' Survey

The Global University Entrepreneurial Spirit Students Survey is abbreviated to GUESSS. This is one of the biggest research projects into student entrepreneurship in the world. The study analyses the entrepreneurial plans and activities of students at colleges and universities around the world.

The Swiss GUESSS appears every two to three years, and the report for western Switzerland is published by the School of Management Fribourg (HEG-FR). GUESSS was created in 2003 by the University of St.Gallen (Switzerland). With six collections of data, the project has grown and has gone international.

Fifty countries took part in GUESSS in 2016. This resulted in a collection of data with more than 122,000 complete responses from students at more than 1000 universities. The GUESSS data has been used for various publications in top-notch international university reviews, such as the Journal of Business Venturing (JBV) and Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice (ETP). The latest GUESSS,2016 was supported by Ernst & Young as an international partner of the project. The Swiss study is supported by sponsors Venturelab AG and Venture Kick.

Running time

2003 to 2023

Project manager

Rico Baldegger

Dean/Managing Director/Full Professor UAS

+41 26 429 63 78

Project members

Lucia Zurkinden,

Institute/Competence center

Small and medium enterprises