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Research projects

CoachCom2020 - A coaching community enhancing impact of the H2020 SME Instrument

The overall aim of CoachCom2020 was to ensure the fast implementation of a consistent and comprehensive, professional coaching community to support European SMEs participating in the new dedicated SME instrument under Horizon 2020.

Based on a robust and tested system approach CoachCom2020 was put in place and implemented a coaching community methodology and platform with embedded quality assurance measures, ready to tackle the pressing requirements of the first months following the start of the first SME Instrument projects in Fall 2014 and subsequently (WP1).

The overall coaching scheme included highly targeted recruitment communication and broad dissemination reach (WP2), state-of-the-art mechanism for peer-learning in professional communities both on- and offline, structured knowledge sharing under scientific supervision (WP3) and, finally, three classes of pre-validated management systems and tools for Commission and EEN stakeholders: a case tracking / monitoring system an impacts evaluation / benchmarking system a virtual learning platform with both an informal social network dimension and a structured knowledge repository (WP4).

An “open- knowledge” policy and open source software are at the heart of the project paving the way for long-term perspectives post-project. Consortium The proposed concept is anchored firmly in the organizational experience and proven excellence of the innovation platform of Western Switzerland – which is coupled to and strongly leveraged by the comprehensive reach and crucial role of the EEN network. The effort is coordinated by a future “end-user” - an experienced, Danish SME coaching organization. Management of the project rests in the hands of seasoned experts. A lean organisation is streamlined for fast decision making and ongoing risk appraisal.

Running time

2014 to 2017

Project manager

Philipp Bubenzer

Full Professor UAS/Institute Head

+41 26 429 63 65

Institute/Competence center

Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation