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GEM Switzerland Results and Future of Entrepreneurship in Switzerland

Corporate Entrepreneurial Leadership De-mystified

04 Jul 2023

HEG-FR has been collaborating with the Finnish startup, EEX - Entrepreneurship Exchange, to organize a special workshop hosted at Innovation Lab. The concept in very brief? Corporate leaders work as advisors to sustainability-driven startup entrepreneurs.

The Haute école de gestion Fribourg and the Finnish startup EEX organized an exceptional event focused on corporate entrepreneurial leadership. The event took place at Innovation Lab, in Fribourg. EEX’s "radical" leadership development program – Entrepreneurship Exchange – challenges experienced large company leaders to grow as "entrepreneurial leaders". The workshop, titled "Corporate Entrepreneurial Leadership De-mystified" brought together industry leaders and experts to provide valuable insights and perspectives on fostering entrepreneurial leadership within organizations of all types.

In the second part of the program, HEG-FR team presented the results of Global Entrepreneurship Monitor survey for Switzerland, followed by discussion of role of entrepreneurship for the future of Switzerland and Europe. 

The event began with a warm welcome from Rico J. Baldegger, the Dean of HEG-Fribourg, who set the tone for an engaging and enlightening experience. Tapio Peltonen, the founder of Entrepreneurship Exchange, delivered an inspiring introduction titled "Entrepreneurial Leadership for ALL Organizations." Peltonen's expertise and experience shed light on the essential role of entrepreneurial leadership in driving innovation and growth, leaving the audience motivated and eager to delve deeper into the topic.

After a well-deserved break, the agenda shifted to a seminar focused on the results and future of entrepreneurship in Switzerland, presented by the GEM Switzerland team. Aileen Ionescu-Somers, the GEM Global Executive Director, highlighted the significance of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) initiative in understanding and promoting entrepreneurship worldwide. Followed a presentation on the GEM Switzerland results and policy briefs.

Nelson Baechler, manager for Romandie at YES (Young Entreprise Switzerland), took the stage to share inspiring stories and initiatives that empower young entrepreneurs in Switzerland. His presentation pointed out the importance of nurturing and supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs, showcasing the immense potential they hold for driving economic growth and innovation.

The experts, Rami Syväri, Raphael Gaudart, and Tapio Peltonen engaged in a captivating conversation titled "Entrepreneurship for Growth and Sustainability," exploring how entrepreneurial practices can contribute to sustainable business development. Their personal anecdotes and thought-provoking discussions left the audience with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

Then an interactive peer-coaching session titled "EEX Ride - Entrepreneurial Leadership" engaged actively the participants. This collaborative learning experience fostered idea exchange, networking, and the formation of meaningful connections among attendees.

The day concluded with a dynamic panel discussion titled "How to boost Entrepreneurship across the society." Kristina Babina, Nicolas Durand, and Rico Baldegger shared their insights, experiences, and strategies for fostering an entrepreneurial culture throughout society. 

To wrap up the event, participants enjoyed a drink and a networking session to fuel the spirit of entrepreneurship.