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Crisis management in a bank for Bachelor of science in Business Administration students

18 Apr 2024

Real-time crisis management exercise during their last optional course Corporate Risk Management (CRM), before the exam, for international and local students, in Bachelor in Business Administration.

Situation play: The Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Risk Officer and the Head of Human Resources had to implement the business continuity plan of their Fribourg-based bank following a terrorist attack on its Berne branch. 

Ensuring the continuity of the organisation

How do you define the measures to be taken in the immediate aftermath of a crisis situation? How do you prevent human and material damage, but also ensure the continuity of the organisation?

How can we minimise the impact of a crisis, threat or other disruption on the bank's day-to-day operations? The class prepared the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and reviewed the Business Impact Analysis (BIA) after identifying and preventing threats as part of the risk management process.

They also had to meet the representative of the families of the victims, coordinate their actions with the authorities and answer questions from the press. 

Real-time exercise from today's reality

The students played the crisis management game in a highly professional manner, under the pressure of time, the emotions of the affected employees' families and the tough questions from the press. Faces were flushed and tense, some were sweating as they struggled to find the right words, but there was also plenty of humour!