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Learning French/German

Language center

HEG Fribourg has its own Language Centre. Staffed by experienced and innovative language experts, the Language Centre offers a number of services to Bachelor's and Master's students, researchers, staff and external users. These services include language skills courses, a range of test formats (IELTS, telc, DFP, Oxford), applied research, coaching and language support, as well as collaborations with other institutions.

The language Center in situated room 210 on the second floor.

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Language center


In this innovative system, two individuals, each proficient in a different native tongue, join forces to form a Tandem. This dynamic partnership becomes a crucible of reciprocal learning, where both parties simultaneously serve as mentors and learners.

Through video calls, chat platforms, and interactive tools, participants engage in immersive, culturally enriching conversations. This dynamic learning environment fosters not only linguistic dexterity but also deep cross-cultural understanding.

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Language course Uni-FR

If you're looking for a language course, in either French, German, English, or Italian, the Language Centre of the University Fribourg can help you.

Cost: between CHF 200.- /CHF 500.- per semester - 3 ECTS

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