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Swiss International Entrepreneurship Survey SIES

The Swiss International Entrepreneurship Survey SIES is a triennial study, conducted by the School of Management Fribourg, on Swiss SMEs’ internationalization efforts. It examines the state of internationalization among Swiss SMEs, in particular the behavior of Swiss SMEs towards the internationalization of their business, customers and growth.

The findings of the study also shed light on interesting facts of international entrepreneurship in Switzerland, and on new trends on the corporate vision amongst small and medium-sized enterprises. The report is conducted on a triennial basis, and has been published in 2007, 2010 and 2013, 2016. For the latest report, over 600 Swiss SMEs were surveyed via a multilingual questionnaire (German, French, Italian and English) sent out to the management of SMEs that focus on exports. The result of our research is communicated to the Swiss public, political decision-makers and, above all, to Swiss entrepreneurs.

The results of these studies have revealed the principal factors affecting the success or failure of a company`s internationalization efforts. The study shows that the internationalization trend among SMEs is a real advantage, especially to face the strengthening of the Swiss Franc. In addition, it has been seen, that it boosts the competition and the innovation as a strategy among SMEs.

Running time

2007 to ----

Project manager

Rico Baldegger

Dean/Managing Director/Full Professor UAS

+41 26 429 63 78

Pascal Wild

Associate Professor UAS

+41 26 429 63 52

Project members

Rico Baldegger, Pascal Wild, Fabian Vonlanthen,

Institute/Competence center

Global Business Competence Center for SMEs