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Latest news of the HEG-FR

Opening of the new major Sustainable Management at the HEG-FR and the HEG-GE

02 Jun 2023

Une nouvelle orientation pour former les étudiant∙es aux enjeux de demain qui s'aligne parfaitement avec la Stratégie de durabilité de la HES-SO.

The HEG-FR aims to prepare its future students to become responsible managers who are aware of societal challenges. To this end, it is launching, in collaboration with the HEG-GE, a new orientation, unique in terms of its configuration and the courses offered within the HES-SO: Sustainable Management. This orientation develops a global and systemic approach linked to the consideration of social and ecological objectives in addition to the imperative of economic performance.

Participants will be able to understand the systemic nature of social, environmental, and economic issues and integrate them transversally into their organization. They will be able to use methods as well as tools for thinking and analyzing sustainability in business across its value chain.