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Case study : teaching with Dartfish

03 Feb 2023

A household name in sports circles, the Fribourg-based company, Dartfish, is making its way into the classroom. The International Journal of Cases Studies in Management of the HEC Montreal has just published an educational case study dedicated to Dartfish written by two researchers from the School of Management Fribourg.

Founded in 1998 within the premises of the EPFL in Lausanne, Dartfish has developed rapidly, quickly becoming a leader in the realm of sports performance analysis. The international success of this Fribourg-based company caught the attention of Lucia Zurkinden, scientific collaborator and Rico Baldegger, professor and director of the HEG-FR. Together, they have laid out the company's development with the aim of designing teaching materials for students of entrepreneurship and internationalization. The International Journal of Cases Studies in Management (IJCSM) of the HEC Montreal has just published this case, entitled "Dartfish - How a University Spin-Off Became a Global Leader in Video Analysis Solutions".

With the Dartfish case study, students have the opportunity to learn concepts of management, entrepreneurship, and internationalizing a business, illustrated through a real-world and regional example.

Applied theory

Students will have access to unprecedented data in class, allowing them to evaluate expansion strategies, understand the characteristics of this "born global" company, identify good and bad decisions, and also understand the importance of brand building and customer loyalty.

With the Dartfish case study, the HEG-FR continues its commitment to the development of quality teaching materials based on Swiss companies: the documents are examined by peers in blind evaluations. Subsequent to the case study on the running shoe company, On, this is the second to be written at the HEG-FR and distributed by the IJCSM, the HEC Montreal journal.

You can access the case study here:


You can access the article in the IJCSM, vol. 20, no 4 here: