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EMBA in Integrated management

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A unique program geared towards multiculturalism

This program is unique, as it is the only Executive Master in Business Administration in Switzerland held in three languages, namely French, English and German. We are of the belief that the three major challenges facing the leaders of today are knowing how to anticipate and control change, ensuring continuous innovation within the heart of the company and managing in an increasingly multicultural environment.

This multicultural approach extends beyond the three teaching languages with a two-week trip abroad.

Great companies are built on great people.

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An ambitious program

Market globalisation, a growing environmental complexity, and rapid change are setting new challenges for corporate executives. The future belongs to those entrepreneurs who know how to master new situations dynamically. The School of Management Fribourg has offered an Executive MBA since 1999 to meet these challenges.

The aim of this training is to develop the managerial skills and social intelligence of those taking part in order to successfully prepare them for the new challenges in their professional lives.

Modern and practical teaching

Teaching content is concrete and practical and constantly enriched and adapted to meet the latest evolutions in modern business management. Candidates have the opportunity to apply what they have learned individually and in groups. Numerous case studies and simulations permit participants to measure the consequences of their decisions. Teaching is done in three languages (60% in French, 30% in English and 10% German).

Target group

This Executive Master of Business Administration is for persons holding a degree from a University of Applied Sciences, a University, a Federal Institutes of Technology, or with equivalent skills, who would like to deepen their knowledge of business and management.


The EMBA is based on national and international cooperation, which gives its multicultural and multilingual character. This approach is delivered by a team from various places, including different universities. A two-week trip abroad consolidates the multicultural approach.


The EMBA program has been approved by the OAQ (Swiss Center of Accreditation and Quality Assurance in Higher Education). The degree issued is recognized by the Confederation.

Faculty and lecturers

Those involved in our continuous development courses are recognized for their expertise. Thanks to their experience and the use of up-to-date methods and tools, the training is very much geared towards actual practice.

At a glance

Degree awarded

Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) HES-SO​ Integrated Management

ECTS Credits


Study duration

24 months

Study start

3rd of September 2020

Study language

French, English and German

Enrollment information

Enrollment is open.


Fees for the EMBA course amount to CHF 27'000.- (including course materials, examination fees and support for the dissertation).

Place of study

HEG-FR, Fribourg

Course structure and organization

The EMBA programme is composed of 5 modules and one dissertation at the end of the studies. It begins every year and lasts 18 months. Courses are held at the School of Management Fribourg every two weeks Thursday and Friday and Saturday morning or alternating Fridays (full day) and Saturday morning.

Module 1: Management basics

Business Management, Human resources, Marketing, Accounting, Law and Political Economy.


Module 2: Change Manager

Strategic Management, Self management, Group Management, Change management and Company Culture


Module 3: Environmental changes

Changes in the Market and in Technology, Legal and Legislative Changes, Changes in Society.


Module 4: Innovation Manager

Leadership and personal vision, Stages for Successful Innovation, HR Development as a Key Innovative Factor, Project Management, Financial Planning.


Module 5: Integrated Manager

Company Reorientation, Agile Enterprise and Manager, Business Game.

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