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Focus on 7 ViA projects 2019-2020

Ventures in Action

Ventures in Action

ViA: Ventures in Action is an innovative teaching module, unique in Switzerland. It was developed by the School of Management Fribourg as part of the Master of Science in Business Administration, major in Entrepreneurship. With the guidance of expert coaches, students are taken through the process of setting up their own company, which in turn supports entrepreneurship and innovation in the canton of Fribourg. The School of Management Fribourg takes great pleasure in presenting the seven start-ups founded within this programme.

Malgré des différents parcours, la même passion et la même valeur se sont réunis en une équipe pour œuvrer à un futur plus écologique dans ce pays

Sandar, co-founder and head of sales - Okapai


Okapaï is a Swiss company that offers a variety of alternatives to plastic straws such as edible, biodegradable and reusable straws. Through their straws, Okapaï hopes to make fighting single-use plastic straws a fun experience. Okapaï also sells accessories such as cleaning brushes for stainless steel and bamboo straws. Opting for an alternative to plastic straws is a small step towards preserving the world of tomorrow.

Their story

Each year, eight million tonnes of plastic debris is spilled into the oceans and seas. It is therefore important to reflect and develop alternatives to limit the ecological impact. Thanks to the VIA program, Okapaï is able to lead this project in replacing plastic straws in bars, restaurants and cafés. Together we can protect tomorrow's environment.

Vesa games

VESA is a handcrafted game of wooden blocks with unlimited possibilities and based on kind values. Suitable for children of 18 months and older, it is designed in a safe and responsible way. These wooden blocks are developed and produced entirely in Switzerland in an enthusiastic, empathetic and timeless spirit. VESA inspires people to experience moments of sharing and to foster sustainable values. Above all, it gives children the opportunity to develop their skills in a playful manner.


Their story

The co-founders had a common goal towards sustainability and launched VESA in the VIA program as a way to encourage "Playing responsibly". VESA offers its explorers a wooden puzzle of 12 cubes, manufactured entirely in Switzerland, that allows them to discover, have fun, learn and play through a theme representing a specific environment.


Tapa2Bal is an online community that allows you participation in scientific eco-volunteer trips by paying a contribution of CHF 2.00 per month

Their story

Behind Tapa2bal are Camille, Lucia, and Barnabé. The three co-founders share similar visions and values on many levels and are convinced that the human being is the most important aspect of a company; it is the people of which it is composed that give it its identity. is a platform dedicated to upcycling. You can learn about the topic upcycling itself, get tips and inspiration for simple DIY home upcycling projects, and discover the many local Swiss businesses that sell upcycle products.

Their story

The main reason for our failure with the first business idea was the fact that there are already many amazing businesses out there. The good news? They all share a mutual goal: to protect our beautiful Planet Earth and respect fellow humans through entrepreneurial initiatives and innovation. The better news? We found our path: to gather these different initiatives and the people behind them on one single platform, where ideas flow, inspiration thrives and communities prosper. We chose those who upcycle not only because upcycling is super interesting, but also because it is something that all of us can do - with some guidance and inspiration of course!


People in Switzerland, in average, invest more than 90 minutes per day for mobility. They are faced with low efficiency in transport, due to indirect routes, caused by topographical challenges of lakes and the alps. Thanks to the progress in technology, the sky will soon be utilised to provide efficient city-to-city and inner-city public transportation, resulting in a huge reduction of travel time and cost.

Their story

We are three Master students thinking about new forms of mobility a lot. Our idea to create UAMAS - Urban Air Mobility Association Switzerland - came during one of our class in Entrepreneurship, Venture in Action. We see Switzerland, with having all the needed criteria, as one of the first countries to take benefit of urban air mobility and to become a hub in this field. Our mission is to accelerate the transition to urban air mobility in Switzerland by connecting stakeholders and informing the public.


Odi'C allows your children to study the Swiss elementary school curriculum while having fun. The app is free and accessible to all via the Google play store (Android) and the App store (iOS). It can be used on a cell phone or tablet. In collaboration with elementary school teachers in French-speaking Switzerland, the exercises provided by Odi'C are based on themes covered in class.


Their story

The Odi’C project was realised within the "ViA Ventures in Action" module at the School of Management Fribourg as part of the Master of Science in Business Administration, major in Entrepreneurship program. The aim is to train young students and consolidate their knowledge in a playful manner


Incub&co is an innovative start-up incubator in the Lausanne region. Our goal is support your brave ideas and offer startups outstanding opportunities for development while ensuring our position as a leader in the sector.

Their story

This entrepreneur hub was created within the framework of the Master of Science in Business Administration, major in Entrepreneurship during the "ViA Ventures in Action" module at the HEG-FR.