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Morgane Mundwiller

Alumni MSc BA in Entrepreneurship

A Bachelor in Management from Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne and a Master in Business Administration from HEG Fribourg in hand, Morgane is now responsible of customer relations at Forever Institut, a renowned aesthetic medicine clinic in Geneva.

During a 5-month internship in Bangkok in a company developing wellness centers and Destination Spa in Asia, Morgane was able to coordinate the development of market studies, business plans and the creation of a website. With this experience, she dedicated her master's thesis on the analysis of how thermal springs establishments can adapt their business model to succeed on the swiss market. During her Master studies, Morgane developed, with two colleagues, a start-up (Blendy) whose products are now sold in Switzerland. The creation and management of this company allowed her to put into practice all her administrative and entrepreneurial knowledge acquired during her studies.

During her one-year internship at Forever Institut while completing her Master degree, Morgane was tasked with assisting the management team in the realization of various projects such as the creation of a new brand image for the company with a complete website makeover, the organization and promotion of numerous events as well as the creation of various marketing campaigns. Subsequently, she was offered a full-time position in 2017 when she completed the internship.

The creation of "Blendy" allowed me to put my entrepreneurial knowledge into practice

Morgane Mundwiller, Alumni MSc BA in Entrepreneurship