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Romain Ducret

Assistant Lecturer UAS
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After completing his commercial training, Romain Ducret took a postgraduate course in business and organization. He held various positions in the business world as an executive and member of management. He then went on to study psychology for around 5 years, specializing in work psychology, human personalities, communication and coaching methods. He is also a sports psychologist. In 1990, he set up his own company, Global Management Human Resources Development. This company is active in training, coaching and is also an assessment center. Global Management works with over 200 companies and organizations, including major international corporations. Romain Ducret also teaches at the Hautes Ecoles Spécialisées (HES) and in a number of Swiss federal diplomas. He also founded the Académie de Coaching Ethique, whose courses are recognized by the Swiss Ethics Association (SECA).