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Patrick Schüffel

Visiting Professor UAS
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Faculty Profile - Patrick Schueffel

Patrick Schueffel is adjunct professor at the Institute of Finance of Fribourg’s School of Management. His research interests focusses on the areas of Entrepreneurship in Banking & Finance, Innovation, Strategy and International Business and thus on Fintech. He has published widely in academic as well as practitioner journals in Switzerland and internationally. Prior to his academic career professor Schueffel served as the Chief Operating Officer of Saxo Bank (Switzerland) and was a member of the Senior Management of Credit Suisse. At Credit Suisse he was the responsible global innovation officer of the one-thousand employee strong organizational unit “Investment Services & Products”. He holds a doctorate degree from Henley Business School at the University of Reading/UK, a Master Degree from the Norwegian School of Economics and Diploma from Mannheim University/Germany.


Journal article

SCHUEFFEL, P. (2021). DeFi - Decentralized Finance erklärt.
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SCHUEFFEL, P., GROENEWEG, N., BALDEGGER, R. (2019). The Crypto Encyclopedia. Coins, tokens and digital assets from A to Z. Fribourg/Bern/New York: Firm Growth and Innovation.
SCHUEFFEL, P. (2008). Formative Factors in New Venture Internationalization An extension to theoretical findings and an empirical test. Henley on Thames: University of Reading.

Book chapter

SALAMPASIS, D., SCHUEFFEL, P., DOMINIC, R., CAMERON, D. (2023). Central Bank Digital Currencies: Opening Pandora’s Box or Paving the Future of Money?. The Emerald Handbook on Cryptoassets: Investment Opportunities and Challenges (pp. 283-306). Emerald Publishing Limited.
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Proceedings from scientific conference

SCHUEFFEL, P., BALDEGGER, R., WILD, P. (2020). The effects of entrepreneurial orientation in a digital and international setting. Entrepreneurial Orientation Research Conference.
SCHUEFFEL, P., BALDEGGER, R., CAON, M., BUENZLI, D. (2019). The antecedents and outcomes of AI adoption in SMEs., ICSB 2019 World Congress. ICSB 2019 World Congress.
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SCHUEFFEL, P. (2014). The Effects of EO on Innovation Performance, Open Innovation Proclivity, and Openness. Philadelphia: Academy of Management 2014.

Book editor

SCHUEFFEL, P. (2019). WealthTech: Wealth and Asset Management in the FinTech Age. Information Age Publishing.


Grant Open Service Innovation 2013
Grant Banking as the facilitating factor in SME internationalization 2013
Grant New Venture Internationalization 2005