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Nicolas Sperisen

Assistant Lecturer UAS

After obtaining a licence in sport sciences, specializing in Adapted Physical Activities and Health (Université de Lausanne / Université de Laval, QC - CA), I completed an on-the-job Bachelor's degree in Business Economics at the School of Management Fribourg. In parallel, I first worked as a research assistant at the Center for Research in Rehabilitation and Health Psychology (University of Fribourg), then as a scientific collaborator at the Institute for Social Innovation and Sustainable Management (School of Management Fribourg). The knowledge acquired during this second course of study enabled me to broaden my field of vision and add elements of management to my knowledge of non-communicable diseases and their management. These elements bring real added value to my work in the field of public health. 

I then worked in the field of impact management for Health Promotion Switzerland. This enabled me to clarify and deepen my project methodology and, above all, to think in terms of impact chains. I currently work for the Swiss Cancer League in Berne. My work focuses on rehabilitation and optimizing follow-up care for cancer survivors. More specifically, I'm developing a tool for screening and raising awareness of the needs of this target group. This activity is scientifically supported by a doctoral thesis in Biomedical Sciences (Global Health specialization), which I am also completing at the University of Geneva.

With an Didactic and pedagogical certification from the HES-SO acquired in 2013, I also teach at various University of applied sciences, at Bachelor and Continuing Education levels.


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