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Isabelle Schluep Campo

Associate Professor UAS/Institute Head
+41 26 429 64 87
Office: HEG 409
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Isabelle Schluep is associate professor and co-director of the Food Ecosystem Institute at the School of Management Fribourg since 2022. She is responsible for the postgraduate course (CAS) in ESG and sustainable leadership. She carries out various interdisciplinary research projects at the HEG-FR. Previously, she worked as a project leader, researcher, lecturer and mentor for students in the university environment and for six years as a public policy practitioner in the Swiss government (SECO). She has extensive experience and knowledge of global food and agricultural markets, economic policies, the international trading system, sustainable finance, impact assessments and the development of tools to measure sustainability. She holds a PhD in Agricultural Economics from ETH Zurich, a diploma in agronomy from ETH Zurich, a Master's degree in Economics from Iowa State University, a Master's degree in Agricultural Economics from Cornell University, and a Master's degree in International Business Law from University of Cumbria.


Journal article

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Book chapter

STAVRIDOU, M., SCHLUEP, I., AERNI, P. (2021). Preface to Transitioning to Decent Work and Economic Growth. Transitioning to Decent Work and Economic Growth (pp. 1-7). MDPI.
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Book editor

AERNI, P., SCHLUEP, I., STAVRIDOU, M. (2021). Transitioning to Decent Work and Economic Growth. MDPI.

Journal editor

SCHLUEP, I. (2017). Embeddedness and Sustainability of MNC's. ATDF Journal.

Working Papers

SCHLUEP, I. (2020). Systeme und Instrumente der Firmennachhaltigkeitsbewertung: Eine kritische Bestandsaufnahme mit Fokus auf KMU (1). Center for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability CCRS at the University of Zurich.
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SCHLUEP, I. (2018). Structural change in the cocoa sectors in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Paper presented at a peer-reviewed conference

SCHLUEP, I. (2022). Embeddedness and sustainability impacts by the private sector: the case of cocoa production in Colombia. Switzerland.
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Award/Honors Medal of the ETH Zurich for an outstanding dissertation 2005
Award/Honors Outstanding Master's Thesis Award of the American Agricultural Economics Association 2000
Award/Honors Outstanding Master's Thesis Award of the Northeastern Agricultural and Resource Economics Association 2000