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Ankush Chopra

Visiting Professor UAS
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Faculty Profile

Dr. Ankush Chopra is a Strategy and Innovation expert with over 18 years of experience in leading and enabling transformations. He helps clients through research, consulting, training and speaking. Dr. Chopra’s research focuses on issues around innovation effectiveness of firms. It includes issues such as overcoming challenges of innovation, designing innovation strategy, profiting from innovation, and transforming business and organizations. He is a frequent speaker on these topics at international forums. His book The dark side of innovation deals with driving innovation and transformation in the face of major challenges. Earlier in his career, he led business transformation of custodial services business for Citibank in India where he turned around the business in the face of a major industry change. He also led the transformation of Citibank India’s Financial Control that included driving process innovation through technology. Dr. Chopra received a Ph.D. in Business Strategy from Duke University and an MBA from Indian Institute of Management (Bangalore, India). He has lived and worked in India, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Switzerland and the USA.