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Governance and organisation

Participatory Council

Participatory Council HEG-FR

In accordance with the 2015 law on Universities of applied sciences in Western Switzerland / Fribourg, HEG Fribourg took the first steps towards setting up a Participatory Council in spring 2018.

It is made up of two representatives of the teaching and research staff (PER), two members of the administrative and technical staff (PAT) and two students.

The first elections took place digitally on 4 to 8 June 2018. The Participatory Council elected joint chairs at its inaugural meeting on 18 September 2018.During an initial informal meeting with the extended school management, the possibilities of future cooperation were discussed in a constructive way. It was decided that a set of internal rules would be drawn up and approved by the management of the school.



  • (Co-president): M. Luan Bebovic and M. Rudolf J. Merkle
  • Students : M. Jérôme Deriaz et M. Luan Bebovic
  • PER : M. Bart Norré and M. Rudolf Merkle
  • PAT : Mme Mélanie Thomet et Mme Anja Jenny