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facts and figures

Summer school

Incoming students

Every summer since 2012, the University of Applied Sciences Fribourg has hosted a month-long Summer School. During the program, participants have the opportunity to develop their own entrepreneurial vision, acquire the skills and knowledge needed to research their target market and turn their ideas into viable businesses. At the same time, students discover how Switzerland has established itself as a major player in global markets, and has adopted best business practices in fields as varied as food, technology and luxury goods.

With just 10 students in 2012, peak attendance was reached in 2021 with 28 students from Switzerland, France and Mexico. In terms of diversity, 2017 was the year with 7 distinct nationalities, including 10 from Singapore and 7 from France. In 2023, two students from India took part in the Summer School for the first time.

Student trends

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there was no Summer School in 2020. For this reason, no statistical data are available for this year.