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facts and figures


Number of students

The figures below show the number of Bachelor's students, the male/female ratio and the breakdown by canton in which the last degree was obtained. The "cantons by domicile" graph shows the canton in which the student received his/her last degree, while the "outside Switzerland" position represents students from abroad. The year selector allows you to choose an academic year between now and 2016-2017.

Languages & Teaching methods

Below, it is possible to observe the proportion of languages in the curriculum, i.e. monolingual (French or German), bilingual (French + German) or trilingual (French + German + English). The graphs also illustrate the percentage of full-time, employed and part-time students.


In this last section, the figures reflect the evolution of student numbers since 2015-2106 by study type, i.e. full-time, employed or part-time, and by age bracket. The last graph shows the evolution of graduates. An overall average age (2016 to present) for the validation year is also shown.