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Semester program

Entrepreneurial Immersion Program

Deux étudiantes en train de travailler

A company attachment program

Experience the Entrepreneurial Immersion Programme (EIP), an enriching semester-long opportunity designed exclusively for international undergraduate students.

Through EIP, participants are immersed in the business landscape of Switzerland as they engage with partner companies and actively contribute to business-related projects.

As part of this comprehensive program, students will:

  1. Collaborate with partner companies, gaining invaluable insights into the Swiss business environment.
  2. Work on real-world projects that provide hands-on experience and foster professional growth.
  3. Augment their knowledge and skills through specially curated management and marketing courses at the HEG-Fribourg.
  4. Benefit from the guidance of an HEG professor. They'll monitor your progress and provide valuable coaching.

Join us for the Entrepreneurial Immersion Programme, an opportunity that combines experiential learning, academic enrichment, and cultural immersion in Switzerland's bustling business scene.

HEG-FR/HSW-FR Entrepreneurial Immersion Program

This is a semester program where entrepreneurial-inclined students get the opportunity to study courses on entrepreneurship & management while undergoing an internship in a start‐up or SME organization or spinoffs, in Fribourg.

Company attachment

Experience the pulse of Swiss Start-Ups and SMEs firsthand. Experience a work environment unlike anything you've encountered at home, gaining fresh perspectives and acquiring valuable new skills.

Academic program

We believe in the power of blending practical experience with academic excellence. Our professors bring years of industrial expertise and specialized knowledge to the classroom. They equip you with the knowledge, tools, and coaching needed to thrive in the realm of entrepreneurship.

Eligibility Criteria

Students must be enrolled at one of HEG's partner universities

Students will need to submit :

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Motivation Letter 
  • School Transcript 
  • Recent picture (electronic passport standards)
  • Copy of passport
  • Certificate/Letter/Document that indicate that you meet the English Language requirements (C1 levels in accordance with the CEFR framework) AND A2 of French or German.


Available courses include :

Fall semester:


  • User experience Design
  • Neuromarketing Fundamental
  • Neuromarketing Playground
  • Digital Leadership
  • Circular Economy Business Model
  • Fundamentals of sustainable business & management I


Spring semester:


  • Intercultural Management
  • Corporate Risk Management
  • Fundamentals of sustainable business & management II
  • Ethics and Enterprise
  • Business Intelligence
  • Sustainable supply chain Management

En bref

Titre délivré

Entrepreneurship Immersion Program

Crédits ECTS

Up to 30 ECTS

Durée d'études

One Semester

Début de la formation

February 19, 2024

Dates des cours

Fall 2024 : September - January Spring 2025 : February - June

Langue d'études



Enrollment is closed, the next program starts in September 2024


Please contact our International Office for more information

Lieu d'étude

HEG-FR/HSW-FR (Fribourg, Switzerland)

The program is a great opportunity for international students to experience the vibrancy of the entrepreneurial culture in Switzerland

Jerald Sze, SMU - Singapore Immersion Program

Module 1 - 50%

Company Attachment

Students will be assigned to a company for one semester where they will learn and experience the way of business in a Swiss Start-Up or SME. During this attachment, students will be tasked with resolving a problem statement defined by the company and the school. At the end of the semester, students are required to submit a report detailing their findings and proposed solution.


To learn and use a systemic model of visionary thinking to design entrepreneurial activity systems. To provide the knowledge, tools and conceptual framework needed to undertake entrepreneurial activities in an international environment.

Identifying business opportunities and establishing the support structure needed to translate their ideas into action. To implement the knowledge and motivation acquired during the parallel classes, in the proposal for the hosting companies.


  • Performance in company
  • Report submitted for company problem statement.

Module 2 - 50%

Classes in Management and Marketing

Students will follow a series of classes to help them understand the problem statements they are tasked with and how best to appraoch it. Students are expected to submit all class work and successfully pass examinations at the end of each course.


Learn about the latest developments in digital transformation, digital risk management, statistical analysis, the psychology behind marketing and more. The classes are chosen to help students find the best approach for their company projects.


  • Class participation (contact hours, company visits, cultural and social activities).
  • Attendance
  • Course work and exams

Participants will receive an official transcript of records stating the ECTS credits achieved upon successful completion of the program.

Inscription: Entrepreneurship Immersion Program

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Délai d'inscription: November 15, 2023 for EU/ EFTA Nationalities ( October 11, 2023 for Non‐EU/ EFTA Nationalities )

Questions? Contact us.

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+41 26 429 63 38

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