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Laurent Houmard

Ordentlicher Professor FH/Institutsleiter
+41 26 429 63 67
Büro: HEG 409

Laurent Houmard holds a master's degree in international relations from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva. He gained extensive professional experience over nearly 20 years as a marketing/sales manager and then operations director for international companies in Switzerland, Africa and Asia. He then founded a consultancy firm specialising in sustainable management and environmental and social assessment, before taking up a professorship at the Fribourg School of Management in 2009. He is currently co-director of the Institute of Social and Public Innovation and teaches sustainable management, social entrepreneurship and organizational behaviour in organisations at bachelor, master and postgraduate levels. In partnership with the Geneva School of Management, he has developed a new full program (60 ECTS) in sustainable management for 3rd year bachelor students. He is Chairman of the Foundation Board of the CIS (Centre d'intégration socioprofessionnel) in Fribourg and a member of the advisory committee on sustainable development for the canton of Fribourg.




HOUMARD, L., PILAUER, A., SIMONET, G., FRUCHAUD, O., ODERMATT, F., SCHMIDT, S. (2018). Baromètre co-création Social et Business. Fribourg, Switzerland.

Paper presented at a peer-reviewed conference

HOUMARD, L., GONIN, M., ZUCHUAT, J.-C., GACHET, N. (2013). Toward a statistically robust assessment of social and solidarity economy actors. Conceptual development and empirical validation.. 4th EMES International Research Conference on Social Enterprise, Liège, Belgium.