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Eric Mc Laren

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter FH - Doktorand

Eric Mc Laren is a PhD student in a partner program between Swinburne University of Technology and the University of Applied Sciences Fribourg. He is conducting researching on the topic of modern slavery, more specifically the challenges involved with reporting, stakeholder inclusion and the use of novel technologies. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Information Technology from the University of Applied Sciences Geneva, as well as a Master of Science in Business Administration (orientation Entrepreneurship) from the University of Applied Sciences Fribourg.


Journal article

ROSSI, M., MC LAREN, E. (2022). Companies' views of teleworking difficulties. Journal of the International Council for Small Business.
MC LAREN, E., ROSSI, M. (2022). Réduire les risques liés au télétravail: comment font les entreprises? Revue économique et sociale (1), 41-47.

Paper presented at a peer-reviewed conference

WILD, P., MC LAREN, E. (2023). Internet as a data source for SME internationalization studies. Academy of International Business, Varsovie, Poland.
MC LAREN, E., BALDEGGER, R. (2023). Current technologies to tackle modern slavery. ICSB 2023 World Congress, Seoul, South Korea.


Award/Honors JICSB Best Paper Award 2022