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Neuromarketing: two HEG-FR researchers presented their latest paper in Seoul

17. Okt 2023

In July 2023, Doruntina Tahiri and Bart Norré, from the School of management Fribourg, showcased their research at the Global Marketing Conference in Seoul, South Korea.

Last Summer, Doruntina Tahiri, compliance Officer at Post Finance and Bart Norré, professor at the School of management Fribourg showcased their research at the Global Marketing Conference in Seoul, South Korea. Their pivotal article, "Social Network Analysis and Response Time Testing: Conspiracy Thinking and Conspiracy Theories", co-written with experts Dr. Kirti Dutta, Dorota Reykowska, and Guillaume Fernandez, delved into the world of conspiracy theories using advanced methodologies.

They employed methodologies to explore the relationships between belief systems and conspiracy theories, combining social network analysis, specifically the Network of Similarity, with response time testing (NEUROHM/iCode). The applied neuroscientific survey method focuses on the conviction strength of the surveyed. The findings uncovered fascinating insights into the interplay of beliefs in various conspiracy theories and brought further evidence to the theory of conspiracy.

Doruntina Tahiri began the presentation, offering a summary of the theoretical groundwork, the study's goals, and the methods employed. Professor Bart Norré followed by delving into the results, highlighting the perception of conspiracy theories in Switzerland and the utility of response time testing and network of similarity in grasping the cognitive mechanisms at play.

"Our insights call for a deeper exploration of the psychological and social drivers behind adopting multiple conspiracy theories and the robustness of these convictions. By understanding these dynamics, we can chart more effective paths to counter the influence of such theories", explained Professor Bart Norré.