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Luca Perazzi

Ordentlicher Professor FH/Vorsteher Bachelor französischsprachige Abteilung
+41 26 429 63 90
Büro: HEG 105

Luca Perazzi holds a Master's degree in economics and a teaching diploma, and was assistant to the chair of microeconomics and political economy at the University of Fribourg (Prof. Dr. J. Deiss). Professor of political economy, dean of the French-speaking Bachelor's section and deputy director of the School of Management Fribourg, he is the author of several economics textbooks for various levels of education (vocational school and college). He is an expert in economic subjects for the professional maturity and gymnasium examinations, and is also a visiting lecturer at the chair of political and social economics at the University of Fribourg (Prof. Dr. P. Gugler) and at the Fribourg School of Engineering and Architecture.

A member of several committees at the HES-SO, since 2020 he has headed the "Support & Counselling Services" department at the School of Management Fribourg.



AYER, J.-M., PERAZZI, L. (2016). Economie 21. Editions Loisirs et pédagogie.