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Daniel Kauth

Lehrbeauftragter FH
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Daniel Kauth brings together the realms of education, the financial industry, and entrepreneurship. Holding a Ph.D. in Mathematics and having conducted a Master's thesis in financial mathematics at the University of Fribourg, his academic journey led him to become a lecturer at the University of Fribourg, FernUni Schweiz, and HEG, where he shares his knowledge in statistics and mathematics.

Beyond the classroom, Daniel is the founder and CEO of LOCO tables GmbH, the company behind LOCO-Bubbles, a socializing and networking app for educational institutions and businesses. He currently serves as a Financial Risk Manager at PostFinance. In addition to these roles, Daniel has previously acted as a Faculty Manager (Economics) at FernUni Schweiz and worked as a Data Analyst at FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority). His career also includes valuable experiences as an Actuary and Model Risk Expert at the Zurich Insurance Group, focusing on risk and risk aggregation modeling.

Throughout his diverse professional roles, Daniel has consistently emphasized excellence and innovation. His passion for education and his expertise in the financial industry make him a dedicated professional who gladly shares his experiences with enthusiasm.



Award/Honors Prix Viegener for outstanding M.Sc. thesis of the faculty of Mathematics & Natural Sciences 2013