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Viktoriia Apalkova

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Dr. Viktoriia Apalkova is an esteemed academic currently serving as an Associate Professor at the School of Management Fribourg, Switzerland.

Her research focuses on global economic dynamics and innovation, highlighted by her contributions to the Swiss National Science Foundation's project on low-end innovation and the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor's study on Ukraine's entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Dr. Apalkova has also produced significant scholarly work, including peer-reviewed articles on international economy, entrepreneurship, and innovative business models. Her teaching and mentoring extend across economics and business, emphasizing sustainable and innovative practices.


Journal article

APALKOVA, V., TSYGANOV, S., CHERNYTSKA, T., TSYGANOVA, N., MESHKO, N. (2021). Evaluating the economic and ecological effects of investment projects: A new model and its application to smartphone manufacturing in Europe. Investment Management and Financial Innovations, 4, 252-265.
APALKOVA, V., TSYGANOV, S., TSYGANOVA, N., MESHKO, N., APALKOV, S. (2021). Application of decision tree model for prediction of immigration policy in different countries of the world. Problems and Perspectives in Management, 19 (3), 513-532.
APALKOVA, V., MESHKO, N., NIKOLAIENKO, A. (2021). Prediction of environmental performance based on country's economic attractiveness. Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies Journal, 25, 1-15.
APALKOVA, V., LYSUNOVA, A. (2019). External labor migration from Ukraine: causes, scale, consequences. European Journal of Management Issues, 27 (1-2), 3-9.
APALKOVA, V., TSYGANOV, S. (2016). Digital Economy: a new paradigm of global information society. Ekonomické rozhľady/Economic Review, 45 (3), 295-311.
APALKOVA, V. (2014). The dominant ideas in the developement of e-money systems. Ekonomické rozhľady/Economic Review, 43 (3), 338-351.


APALKOVA, V., APALKOV, S., MESHKO, N., TARASIUK, O. (2024). Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, Ukraine 2023/2024. Report on Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. Dnipro, Ukraine.

Paper presented at a peer-reviewed conference

APALKOVA, V., RESHETNIKOVA, I., LYTOVCHENKO, I., JAN, W. W. (2021). An evaluation of the economic and green market utility in a circular economy. E3S Web of Conferences, Odessa, Ukraine.