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Nils Tuchschmid

Professeur HES ordinaire/Responsable d'institut
+41 26 429 63 50
Bureau : HEG 420 et 420a

Dr. Nils Tuchschmid is Professor and Director of the Institute of Finance at the School of Management Fribourg (HEG-FR). Prior to joining HEG-FR, Nils was Partner and Head of Tactical Trading Strategies at Tages Group. Previously, he was co-head of the Alternative Funds Advisory team at UBS and head of multi-manager portfolios at Credit-Suisse. PhD in Economics from the University of Geneva, he has published numerous articles and research papers, notably on asset management and allocation, alternative investments and performance measurement.


Journal article

NAYA, F., RRUSTEMI, J., TUCHSCHMID, N. (2023). Alternative Risk Premia and Market Drawdowns: A Performance Review. The Journal of Beta Investment Strategies, 14 (2), 83-100.
NAYA, F., RRUSTEMI, J., TUCHSCHMID, N. (2023). Incorporating Alternative Risk Premia Into Balanced Portfolios: Is There Any Added Value? Journal of Systematic Investing, 3 (1).
RRUSTEMI, J., TUCHSCHMID, N. (2020). Facebook' Digital Currency Venture "Diem": the new Frontier … or a Galaxy far, far away? Technology Innovation Management Review, 10 (12), 19-30.
TUCHSCHMID, N., NAYA, F. (2019). Alternative Risk Premia: Is the Selection Process Important? Journal of Wealth Management.
TUCHSCHMID, N. (2014). Alpha or not Alpha: The Case of the Hedge Fund Industry. Bankers, Markets and Investors.
TUCHSCHMID, N. (2013). Non-Fully Invested Derivative Free Bond Index Replication. Financial Markets and Portfolio Management.
TUCHSCHMID, N. (2013). Ucits: Can it Bring Funds of Hedge Funds On-Shore? Journal of Wealth Management.
TUCHSCHMID, N. (2013). Does Manager Offshore Experience Count in the Alternative UCITS Universe? Journal of Alternative Investments.

Book chapter

FRAGNIÈRE, E., TUCHSCHMID, N., FISCHER, P., RRUSTEMI, J., GUILLOT, O. (2023). Identification of Qualitative Weak Signals Coming from Asset Management Working Practices to Feed Forward-Looking Investment Pension Funds Models. Education, Research and Business Technologies (pp. 81-92). Springer.


TUCHSCHMID, N. (2023). Incorporating Alternative Risk Premia into Balanced Portfolios: is there any added value ? Wolfsberg, Switzerland.

Paper presented at a peer-reviewed conference

BALDEGGER, R., SCHUEFFEL, P., TUCHSCHMID, N., KAISER, A. (2018). The Impact of Banks on the Internationalization Efforts of SMEs: Help or Hindrance? ACERE Conference 2018, Brisbane, Australia.
BALDEGGER, R., SCHÜFFEL, P., TUCHSCHMID, N. (2017). Banks and Internationalizing SMEs: Friends or Foes? EIBA Conference 2017, Milan, Italy.
SCHÜFFEL, P., BALDEGGER, R., TUCHSCHMID, N., KAISER, A. (2017). The Role of Banks in the Internationalization Process of SMEs: Blessing or Curse? Academy of International Business Annual Meeting 2017, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.