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Kilian Klösel

Collaborateur scientifique HES
Bureau : 427

Dr. Kilian Klösel is a visiting professor and researcher at the HEG-Fribourg. After his training as a bank clerk and his studies with a focus on finance, he completed the Master of Science Entrepreneurship at the University of Liechtenstein. In the context of his dissertation, he is investigated various leadership behaviors, in particular empowering leadership, the role of vision and goal-setting in the context of corporate culture. He also works intensively with quantitative data analytics.


Journal article

BALDEGGER, U., KLÖSEL, K. (2023). Fashion Entrepreneurship: Narcissism and Entrepreneurial Intention. Journal of Enterprising Culture, 31 (3), 233-251.
MARAN, T., BALDEGGER, U., KLÖSEL, K. (2022). Turning visions into results: unraveling the distinctive paths of leading with vision and autonomy to goal achievement. Leadership & Organization Development Journal, 43 (1), 133-154.
KLÖSEL, K. (2022). Self-leadership: The power behind empowerment. Journal of the International Council for Small Business, 3 (4), 262-269. doi:
BALDEGGER, U., KLÖSEL, K., FALTIN, S. (2022). Narzissmus und Unternehmerische Intention in Modehochschulen. Zeitschrift für KMU & Entrepreneurship, 70 (2), 71-90.
BALDEGGER, U., KLÖSEL, K., POSER, N. (2022). Learning to fly - the mediating role of self-leadership in empowering leadership. Journal of Leadership Studies.
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BALDEGGER, U., KLÖSEL, K. (2021). Visionäre Führung und Empowering in KMU. Zeitschrift für KMU & Entrepreneurship, 69 (3).

Paper presented at a peer-reviewed conference

KLÖSEL, K. (2021). Visionary and Empowering Leadership in SMEs. ICSB 2021 World Congress.