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Christophe Hebeisen

Maître d'enseignement HES
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Born near Geneva on June 30, 1974, to a Genevan mother and a Bernese father, I grew up bilingual in a Christian family. My practicing faith has always been the driving force in my life and work, right up to my doctoral thesis in the history of mathematics at EPFL under the direction of Jacques Sesiano. This work is the culmination of studies begun in Fribourg (cycle d'orientation and gymnasium), then completed in Lausanne. Now married with two children, I teach mainly at the HEIA-FR, as well as at the HEG-FR.

I've given up any desire for research since the HES-SO subjected all its staff to a new typology, but on a personal level I continue to get students to work on mini-projects, particularly in statistics.