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Christophe Egger

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With a background in business studies and marketing, I continued my training in management/business economics. Later, I took the Executive MBA course, again at School of Management Fribourg. In parallel with my studies, I held a number of executive positions in SMEs in different sectors, with assignments mainly in management, strategic development and marketing.

After obtaining my MBA, I felt the urge to go further, especially as I had a dream of one day being able to teach and research in the field of entrepreneurship. After an exhaustive analysis of the various possibilities, I decided to embark on a doctoral program in October 2011. This doctoral work (in "part time") will culminate in the writing of a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) thesis at Grenoble Ecole de Management/GEM. The research deals with the evolution of performance in organizational theory and management control, and its convergence towards plural, multidimensional and global performance. The empirical fieldwork took place in Swiss fair trade organizations, whose principles are based entirely on the ethical issues of sustainable development.

Today, driven by an immense desire to share and pass on both my professional and academic knowledge and experience to students, I have decided to redirect my career towards teaching, training, research and consultancy in both academic and socio-professional environments.


Doctoral thesis

EGGER, C. (2018). Évolution et convergence d'une performance unidimensionnelle vers une performance multidimensionnelle et globale "Le cas du Commerce Equitable". Thèse de doctorat, Grenoble, France.