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Campus HEG-FR

Housing for international students

HEG Fribourg is located in the heart of the city and does not have a campus. Students live in residences, with host families or in shared flats.

We recommend that you find accommodation before the start of the academic year and encourage you to start your search as early as possible.

The International Office will assist exchange students to find accommodation. The average rent for a room varies from SFr 410 to SFr 800 / month.


Student residences

In most cases, these are single rooms with a private or shared bathroom and a shared kitchen. Please contact the residences directly to rent a room.


Private accomadation

If you prefer to opt for a room in a private house or flat, here are some leads to follow: 



Room in Salesanium- Fribourg

Room in Salesanium- Fribourg

Important to know about renting accommodation:

Take note of any damages to the room when checking in as you are expected to return the room in the same way you found it, when you check out. Any damages not reported may be charged to you.

Pay attention to the term of the lease. Rent is due until the end of the period, even if you leave early.

Use caution and remain vigilant when it comes to private ads.

Beware if: 

  • The rent is very attractive and below market value.
  • The advertiser justifies renting out the property for a modest sum on the pretext of wanting to help someone who really needs a place to live, or because it's an apartment inherited from their family that has great sentimental value and cannot be left unoccupied, at the risk of it falling into disrepair.
  • The advertiser will reply to you using an email address different from the one given in the ad. Or the advertiser's email address has nothing to do with their first and last name (e.g. the advertiser is Mr John Doe and their email address is gael.chassot@...).
  • The advertiser tells you that their property is already rented and refers you to someone else they know who has another property to offer.
  • The advertiser asks you for copies of ID, proof of income and other personal information.
  • The advertiser asks you to make a payment via Western Union, MoneyGram, etc. or to a foreign bank account. You should pay into a Swiss bank account. The name of the account holder must be the same as the person you are contacting.


Do you have any questions? Do you have a problem with your landlord?

Contact ASLOCA