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Arrival Information

Although Switzerland is not a big country, we have one of the best public transit systems in the world! With more than 3 000 km of rail and as many bus lines, there are almost no areas you can't go on public transportation. Carrying over 1 million passengers per day, the public transit system will allow you to go anywhere from Fribourg in a matter of minutes or hours. Check out below the arrival information for major cities and airports.


Zürich Airport to Fribourg

There are three trains every hour at 18 minutes, 40 minutes and 43 minutes past the hour: 8.18 am, 8.40 am, 8.43 am, 9.18 am, etc.. The journey takes around 2 hours.

Geneva Airport to Fribourg

There are two trains every hour at 3 minutes and 33 minutes past the hour: 7.03 am, 7.33 am, 8.03 am, 8.33 am, etc.. The journey takes around 1.5 hours.


Train Tickets can be bought at the Ticket counter and ticketing machines. You can also buy them in advance online or via the App “SBB”.

TIP: Each time you make an enquiry online or via the app, available supersaver tickets will be displayed. The earlier you check, the more supersaver tickets are available. Supersaver tickets are trip specific and cannot be used on a different route or at a different time.

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