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Cost of living


Switzerland is rated the most expensive country in the world to living in, with Geneva and Zurich being two of the ten most expensive cities. And because living in Switzerland so expensive, it's easy to see why so many students skip over the stud opportunities and go for a cheaper alternative in Europe. Nevertheless, Switzerland is one of the best country's to live in with breathtaking views and extremely high quality of life.

Conservative approximate cost of living per month in Swiss Francs (CHF)

  From To
Rent & Utilities CHF 400.-

CHF 750.-

Food / Meals CHF 300.- CHF 500.-
Transportation CHF 80.- CHF 120.-
Leisure Activities CHF 100.- CHF 200.-
Miscellaneous expenses CHF 100.- CHF 150.-
Total CHF 980.- CHF 1720.-
Exchange and semester programs