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Latest contribution with Philipp Aerni in ZDF news programme

Underreported dilemmas of fossil fuels

    (English translation of the quotes by CCRS director Dr. Philipp Aerni from the ZDFheute news broadcast on 22.03.2022)


In the ZDFheute news programme, editor Klaus Weber asks: New Energy Partners in the Gulf - Are Habeck's Deals Ethical?. In addition to Weber's analysis and two informative video clips, business ethics scholars Thomas Beschorner of the University of St. Gallen and Philipp Aerni of the School of Management Fribourg were also interviewed.


Paragraphs with quotes from CCRS director Dr Philipp Aerni:

[...] considers oil and gas from Qatar to be similarly problematic from an ethical point of view as Russian energy sources: "Qatar has always been one of the most important financiers of radical Islamism in the Middle East. And the Emirates will eventually have to account for the fact that it is supporting two regimes, Ethiopia and Eritrea, that are currently in the process of committing mass murder in the Tigray region."

However, this "catastrophic situation" in this region does not appear in the "European worry barometer" and therefore "does not seem to exist."


For business ethics, the conclusion is therefore: Away from fossil fuels, towards renewables. Philipp Aerni says: "This war shows once again that countries whose state revenues come primarily from the export of fossil energy sources in most cases produce totalitarian regimes that not only create geopolitical instability through wars of aggression and other interventions abroad, but prove to be a curse for their own people."


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