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Coronavirus Information

17 Feb 2022

Find the latest information from the HEG-FR concerning the measures and on how to deal with the corona epidemic.

Update 16.02.2022

  • Coronavirus: Federal Council lifts measures
  • HES-SO Fribourg: updated modalities


As a result of the Federal Council decisions of February 16, 2022 and in agreement with the Management Committee of the HES-SO Fribourg, we inform you below about the measures applicable at the HES-SO Fribourg until further notice:

- The obligation to wear a mask will be lifted at all HES-SO//FR sites. Wearing a mask is voluntary and may be recommended in special cases.
- Access to HES-SO//FR sites no longer requires a COVID-19 certificate or certification from weekly pool tests. The pool tests will be cancelled.
- It is still recommended to disinfect hands regularly and to ventilate rooms as often as possible.
- Individuals testing positive for COVID-19 will go into isolation for 5 days and submit a doctor's note to the school.

- Classes will resume according to the usual educational program.
- The home office recommendation will be lifted.
- Restrictions on access to libraries and restaurants will be lifted.

The direction of the respective school are available to answer any questions.

Etat de Fribourg - Coronavirus : Informations actuelles (mesures prises, vaccination, statistiques, FAQ,...)

Informations concernant le coronavirus, les critères de suspicion, les mesures d'hygiène et les informations pour les entreprises et les écoles.

Etat de Fribourg - Information au personnel de l’Etat

Le Conseil d’Etat a adopté le 21 décembre 2021 un arrêté contenant les nouvelles directives relatives aux dérogations aux règlements concernant le personnel de l’Etat durant la période du coronavirus.


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